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Plots in estates for sale!

UGX 5,500,000
MOMO'S PROPERTY CONSULTS LTD. Presents:ESTATES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE Plot measurements from 50 by 100 Feet Seguku Katale @25m Ugx Kawuku Bwerenga...

Furnished Apartment

012UGX 1,200
Tastefully furnished for those who appreciate the finer things of life. Comprises of an open plan sitting room/diner with breakfast bar in the kitchen. Two spacious double rooms each have built in wardrobes ,bathroom with bath, separate shower, WC and washbasin. Security, Cable TV, Internet, Washing Machine. In upmarket suburb of Muyenga. Close to Social comforts & amenities.


UGX 25

ESTATES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE Plot measurements from 50 by 100 Feet

UGX 95,000,000 14.000.000/= respectively
MOMO'S PROPERTY CONSULTS LTD. Presents:ESTATES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE Plot measurements from 50 by 100 Feet KITENDE ESTATE Entebbe road (25kms from...

Do you need land?

If you are in need of land for agriculture, building and any other purposes; See our property listings at UGAMAREKT.NET -   OR ...

House for Sale

UGX 500 Negotiable
Momo's property consults ltd
4 square mile near kafu river ...

4 square mile near kafu river in Nakasongo , on the main road

UGX 800,000
4 square mile of land stating on the Guru- Kampala High way with an operational farm,will sale at 800,000ugx per acre.please call 256782581842or...
1 square mile of land in Kibog...

1 square mile of land in Kiboga @ 700,000 per acre

Kiboga/ holdUGX 700,000
This land is a ranch already and we will sale to a potential  buyer at 700,000ugx per acre.Please call
New Quarry sitein Mukono on 10...

New Quarry sitein Mukono on 10 acres selling at 170m ugxper acres

quarry,free holdUGX 170,000,000 1,700,000,000
This is an opportunity for any investor who would like to put invest in a stone quarry, just 5km from Mukono town, is a quarry rock of 10 acres that...


UGX 7,001,200 furnished apartments
fully furnished 2 bedroomed apartments on gayaza road
beach land at 3.8m

beach land at 3.8m

mailo landUGX 3,800,000 38000000
Why miss this chance,,again. Beach land selling at 3.8millions, clean titles etc. please do call now for more information. kind regards....

3 plots of land for sale

8m, 13m and 23m
two of the plots are located in magigye, and the third in kasangati. contact +256(0)753388901 for details

2 acrs of land in Busiika @ 16m per acre

Busi-2/16mPrivate MailoUGX 16 32000000
We have 2 acres for emediate sales in Gayaza -Busiika, say 32km from the city center, please call or write back for more details. +256782581842 or ...
Beach land from 3,8m

Beach land from 3,8m

BU/Bwa3.8Mailo landUGX 3,800,000 380000000
10 acres of land in wakiso @ i...

10 acres of land in wakiso @ is 15mugx.

waki/10/banda/15mprivate mailo land.UGX 15 150,000,000.

un finished double storied house with chapa

unfinishedUGX 400,000,000 negotiable
well structured double storied house on good land by the road 50 metres.price negotiable with chapa title

chapa land

full acre for hostels apartmentsUGX 1,400,000,000 negotiable
lareg acre neighbouring st lawrence university, paster kayanjas church-1.4bn negotiable- call 0782370181 sam

Land for Sale

UGX 7,000,000
Land (50ft X 100ft) in Mpoma Satellite Estate Mukono for sale, well planned estate with power and water.
Beach land in Katosi on 10acre...

Beach land in Katosi on 10acres from 15m-20m ugx

katosi/10/10/15-20mailo landUGX 15,000,000 1,500,000,000
We have several Beach land in katosi - Mukono District, 5 acres at 20,000,000 @ and 10 acres at 15,000,000 ugx. Please call now and have one....
5 acres of prime land on sir A...

5 acres of prime land on sir Apolo Kagwa RD Makerere

Com/5/9bnMakereremailo landUGX 1,800,000,000 9,000,000,000
A very Prime land of 5 acres on Sir Apolo Kagwa road, in Makerere , Good for  arcades , apartments, Hostels , shopping malls , commercial plaza...
0.5acres of residential plot i...

0.5acres of residential plot in Gayaza-Ndazabazade at 25m ugx only

Gayaza/Nda0.5/25mprivate mailoUGX 25,000,000 25,000,000
In the midst of a new estate,3.5kms from Gayaza town,with a nice view of Majigye and Busukuma, will sale a half an acre at 25m ugx negotiable.please...
7 acres of commercial land on ...

7 acres of commercial land on tarmac in Busiika- Gayaza @25m ugx

busiika7ac/25mugxPrivate MailoUGX 25,000,000 175,000,000
7 acres of commercial land in Busiika Gayaza - Zirobwe Road or 34km from Kampala,will sale at 25mugx per acre Negotiable. Please Call +256782581842...
20 acres of Land in Gulwe 11km...

20 acres of Land in Gulwe 11km from Namayumba @ 3m ugx

Gulwe/20/3mugxUGX 3,000,000 60,000,000
Land touching River Mayanja, 20 acre in Total , Will sale at 3m ugx per acre.this land is good for crops like cabbages , maize , tomatoes , Matoke...
6 acres of farm land in Kiwoko...

6 acres of farm land in Kiwoko -luwero district @ 1m Ugx.

Kiwoko6/6mugxPrivate mailoUGX 1,000,000 6,000,000
An agricultural Land in Kiwoko- Luwero District , 6 acres in total , each at 1m ugx Please call +256782581842 or
15 cares of Land in Busiika - ...

15 cares of Land in Busiika - Kalagara Road 14m per acre

Busiika15/14mugxPrivate MailoUGX 14,000,000 210,000,000
Good for an estate development , 2.8km from Busiika Town on Kalagala Road, will sale at 14m ugx per acre. Please Call +256782581842 Or...
205 acres of land in Zirobwe 5...

205 acres of land in Zirobwe 52 km from Kampala @ 4m ugx negotiable,

Zilo205/4mugxPrivate MailoUGX 4,000,000 820,000,000
 205 acres of agricultural Land For sale , 52km from the Capitol City Kampala on Gayaza -Zirobwe Road , that's 48kms of tarmac and 4kms of first...
City Commercial property on sa...

City Commercial property on sale on Jinja rd, Kitgmu House.

city leaseUGX 05 5m us$
Owner needs to shift to another country, will sale at 5m us$.Call now +256782581842 Or
10 square milos wanted in Mube...

10 square milos wanted in Mubende my offer is 0.70m-1m ugx per acre

wanted 10sqr/wantedshould be mailo land.UGX 800,000 1000,000
Will pay for 10 square miles after a confirmation of ownership, our offer is between 0.70m-1m ugx or a better offer. please do call now if you have...
305 acres of land in kikyusa @...

305 acres of land in kikyusa @ 800,000 per acre.

kikyusa/800k/305mailo LandUGX 800,000 244,000,000
Land in Kikyusa Luwero District, 305 acres in Total , Going for 800,000ugx per acre.Call now +256782581842 or
250 of land in Kinoni @ 2m ugx

250 of land in Kinoni @ 2m ugx

Kinoni250/2mmailo landUGX 2,000,000 500,000,000
Good for farming , a country home etc, and 2km from the Masaka- Mbarara Road, will sale at 2m ugx per acre.Please call +256782581842 or...

10 acres of land near Busiika, on Gayaza-zirobwe road @ 8m ugx

busiika8/gayazamailo landUGX 8,000,000 80,000,000
This is a good land for a school , farm house, estate etc , will sale at 8m ugx per acre. call +256782581842 or
120 acres of land near Zilobwe...

120 acres of land near Zilobwe at 5m ugx per care

zilobwe120/5mmailo landUGX 5,000,000 600,000,000
120 acres of farm land, good for an estate development, country Home, school, etc will sale at 5m per +256782581842 or...
1 acre of land in Makindye Kam...

1 acre of land in Makindye Kampala-Mobutu Road , 1m US$

1m USD/Makindyemailo landUGX 1,000,000 1,000,000
This Land is suitable for a shopping mall, a service station , hospital, basically its a commercial plot , on the Main Road to Makindye Hill.Please...
5 acres of land in Makarere ne...

5 acres of land in Makarere near MBI, @ 700m ugx

makerere/5/700mmailo landUGX 700,000,000 3,500,000,000
5 acres in Makerere Near MBI @ 700,000,000ugx per acre.please do call +256782581842or
1280 acres in Namayumba @ 3m u...

1280 acres in Namayumba @ 3m ugx

namayumba/3mmailo landUGX 3,000,000 3,840,000,000
1280 acres of Land in Namayumba - Nakaseke district, 11km off the main Highway , selling at 3m ugx per acre .please do call +256782581842 or...
1 acre in kabubu- Gayaza at 25...

1 acre in kabubu- Gayaza at 25m ugx

kabubu/25mmailo landUGX 25,000,000 25,000,000
A prime plot of land in Kabubu -Gayaza, within a midst of estates selling at 25m ugx per acre.please call or write...
640 acres on Sale at 6m ugx in...

640 acres on Sale at 6m ugx in Kakiri

Kakiri/1sqmile/6mmailo landUGX 6,000,000 3,840,000,000.
1 square miles in kakiri - wakiso district, at 6,000,000 per acre , Good for an estate development, school institution , country home , agricultural...
100 acres in Mukono Mbalala, 7...

100 acres in Mukono Mbalala, 700m off the highway.

mukono/mbll75mmailo landUGX 75,000,000 7,500,000,000
100 acres of land in Mbalala Mukono, will sell at 25,000,000 per care to serious buyers..its just 700m off the highway.please do call or write...
10acres of Land in Katosi -Bun...

10acres of Land in Katosi -Bunankanga @12m touching lake victoria

buna10/12mmailo landUGX 12,000,000 120,000,000
10 acres of Land at Bunankanga, touching lake Victoria, selling at 12m per care.Please call+256782581842 or
120 acres of farm land in Bwan...

120 acres of farm land in Bwanja- before Rwamata @1mugx

bwanja120/1mLease landUGX 1,000,000 120,000,000
We are selling 120acres of Farm land, at 1m ugx per acre, please do call +256782581842 or
14 decimals of land in Zana 20...

14 decimals of land in Zana 200m Ugx near the Road.

Zana14dmailo landUGX 200,000,000 200,000,000
200m off the Entebbe road , is 14 decimals ,selling at 200m .Please do call +256782581842 or
50 decimals of land in Namulan...

50 decimals of land in Namulanda Entebbe Rd at 60m ugx.

namulanda50d/60mmailo landUGX 60,000,000 60,000,000
A prime plot on Entebbe road at Namulanda selling at 60m ugx for 50 decimals. call +256782581842 or
8.5 acres in Lubowa @ 430m ugx

8.5 acres in Lubowa @ 430m ugx

Lubowa8.5mailoUGX 430,000,000 3,655,000,000
A prime plot of land in Lubowa near the Quality super market,8.5 acres in total @ 430,000,000.00 per acre.Please do call +256782581842, or...
big land wanted in all major t...

big land wanted in all major towns in uganda

wantedwantedUGX 100,000 1000000
We are looking for land within all the major towns in Uganda,preferably 2km as you enter the town, and should be from at least 30acres up to...

Furnished and unfurnished Apartments for rent

UGX 2,452,320 1,716,620 respectively
  Four executive town houses in suburban setting of Rubaga; gated community with shared lower compound including security, gardening, Communal Dstv ...

plot mailo landwith title

UGX 25,000,000 negotiable
5-20acres in Kakiri - Bubwege ...

5-20acres in Kakiri - Bubwege @ 5m ugx.

kakiri/5mUGX 500,000,000 5,000,000.00
Come buy land from 5 acres at 5m ugx call now 256782581842. or
land in Mpala- Entebbe 50dec a...

land in Mpala- Entebbe 50dec at 65m ugx

mpala-50decmailo landUGX 650,000,000 1,300,000.0
1 km from the Garuga turn off, into Mpala, will sale at 65,000,000.00UGX. call +256782581842 or
4.5 acres of prime land in wak...

4.5 acres of prime land in wakiso ,1km from the highway at selinya, going for 45m per care

4.5acre/Wakisomailo land202,500,000.00
A very prime land for an estate developer in wakiso 14miles from kampala, 1 km from the tarmac. will sale at 45m ug\x call now +256782581842. or...
35 decimals for sale at mutung...

35 decimals for sale at mutungo hill , 260,000US$

Mutungo35decmailo landUGX 260,000 260,000.00$
With a very clear view of Kampala city, Muyenga, kololo, land at Mutungo in a very executive environment and in a VIP neighborhood. we will sale this...

400 acres of land in Namayumba very cheap.

Namayumba400/4mmailo landUGX 4,000,000 1,600,000,000.00
Build your own village, start an estate,or  start your farm . we are selling 400 acres of land 3km off the main highway in Namayumba, @4m ugx per...

Residential house to let

Available for immediate rentUGX 1,100,000
Beautiful 4 bedroom house with mature garden and SQ in a serene and secure environment .Available immediately in Mbarara. 5 minute drive from the...

Plots for Sale at Mukono

UGX 18,000,000 Negotiable
plots of land on sale located at Mukono-Gulama (with land tittles) . Its 13 decimal and 3km from Mukono University. The place is developing fast,...
Notre Dame Apartments

Notre Dame Apartments

$1million USD

15 acres of land near the former vice-presidents residence in Dundu/Gayaza

15acres Dundumailo landUGX 20,000,000 300,000,000
2.5 km from the main road , behind the former Vice president's residence,valued at 30m , but I will sale to a Sirius buyer at 20m now...
2 acres of commercial land in ...

2 acres of commercial land in Mityana town

2acresmityana townmailoUGX 70,000,000 140,000,000
2 acres of commercial land in Mityana town, on the main high way, @ 70m ugx./Call now +256782581842or
60acres of land by the lake

60acres of land by the lake

60acresbeach senyimailoUGX 7,000,000 420,000,000
Would you like to own country home,private/ commercial beach, by the lake, farm by the lake?, only at 4m ugx per acre and 60acres are remaining,and...
We have lots of big land for s...

We have lots of big land for sale.

bgland on salemailo or leaseUGX 500,000
IF you need big land for Leese or buy,Don't go for it unless I have failed to look for it.Call now, +256782581842or
25 acres of eucalyptus trees r...

25 acres of eucalyptus trees readay for harvest

25acreseucalpsmailo land1,000,000,000.00
This land has a forest with ready transmission poles for harvest , going for 40,000,000.00 per acre, thats land with  the forest on it.please call...
240 acres of land in wobulenzi...

240 acres of land in wobulenzi at 1m ugx per acres

240acres@wobulenzimailo landUGX 100,000,000 256,000,000.00
240 acres of of Agriculture land, in wobulenzi, 5km from the main highway, going for 1,000,000please do call

100 acres of Land at Kabubu- Gayaza

100acres@kabubumile landUGX 9,000,000 900,000,000
We are the second option for cheap land in Uganda, and right now we have 100acres of mile land in Kabubu Gayaza , 5km off manyangwa trading center...
Business house and land title

Business house and land title

Business house on land titleUGX 150,000,000 Negotiable
The sale property is in a town called Wobulenzi, located 50 kilometers to the North of Kampala the capital of Uganda. All modern amenities are available in the town. The property consists of a house which is partitioned into two sections. The front is for business, the back is used for residence. Area is 30ft by 100ft with land title. Sale price UGX 150 millions, negotiable. Telephone: +256791975633 Grace Lwanga.

Land for sale

UGX 85,000,000
50 acres on Kyenjojo-Kagadi-Hoima Road

Approx. 3,000 sm office space, suitable for number of uses, open plan

UGX 10 asking
Location! 3,000 sm of open plan office space on three floors. 1,000 sm on each floor, near New Vision, opposite UMEME, new building suitable for...


+256emailUGX 900,000,000 Negotiable
located on the main road and accessible

House for sale

+256Three bedroomUGX 300,000,000 Negotiable
Located in secure  environment Good neighbor hood and access to the main road

3 bedroom 2 bathroom Apartments for Rent in Lubaga

UGX 1,500,000
3 bedroom 2 bathroom Apartments for Rent in Lubaga. Newly Built.
2 Apartment House in Mukono

2 Apartment House in Mukono

Praise EnterprisesUGX 110,000,000 Negotiable
2 apartments each with large sitting, room 2 bedrooms, kitchen and WC. One apartment fully tiled throughout. Second apartment not tiled but has...
Apartments at Kisaasi (100 met...

Apartments at Kisaasi (100 metres off bypass roundabout)

Urgent SaleUGX 1,000,000,000
Superb newly constructed Apartment Block with 4No. exotic Units. 100 metres from the bypass roundabout at Kisaasi. Secure within a boundary wall,...

Three bed room house for sale

+256New complete HouseUGX 200 $69300
Special offer House in Mbalwa estates Kampala Uganda. located in well organised environment


UGX 7,500,000 USD 2,500 P.M
2 Acres commercial land lease

2 Acres commercial land lease

UGX 450,000,000 Price per acre
The property is suitably located for comercial development in the precincts of the Namanve Industrial Park, two hundred metres approx off the main...

Khalifa Suites

UGX 3,900,000 Studio Suite
Khalifa Suites is located in the heart of Bugolobi, an upscale neighborhood. Tucked in a peaceful center, it is hard to say it is amongst the hustle...


UGX 1,800,000
Its a bare land suitable for a container village next to KAMPALA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY.Its a few meters from the main road.

Land for sale in Najera Buwate 22 decimals-call 0776-781326

UGX 55,000,000
Titled land in avery fast growing Neighbourhood

house for sale

MuyengaMiloUGX 170,000,000
Size:  20 decimals Old house needs renovation or demolishing Muyenga 170 million...


Located in a very quiet neighborhood with good security. - With both water and Electricity Supply. - comes with a large Garden and lots of parking space. - Enclosed in the wall. - Close to all amenities - A few minutes away from Gulu University. - Easy access to Gulu town - Ready and available now. - Available for both short and long term lets. For more information, please feel free to contact me by email.


5555300 acres private mailo landUGX 150,000,000 negotiable
private mailo land. has no squatters. suitable for a ranch, farm, crop agriculture.
Cepha's courts

Cepha's courts

ApartmentsUGX 4,200,000 80 dollars daily, 450 dollars weekly
Cephas courts apartments are conveniently located and have a good view in a quiet and peaceful environment for the best relaxation. Come and...
Solot Suites/ Apartments for R...

Solot Suites/ Apartments for Rent/ Hire and Sale

326Sale, Rent , HireUGX 900 Negotiable
Solot Suites/ Apartments
Real Estate

Real Estate

UGX 150,000,000 US$68,000
House for sale, 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and toilets, latrine outside, Garage, Store, Dining and Leaving room,tiled floor, two access roads, in well...