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Kampala, Uganda

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UGX 4,000
Beautiful mature garden and a servants quarters with 2 bedrooms. In a high class area. Suitable for Residential and Offices
Self-contained  house for rent

Self-contained house for rent

Code 1114UGX 200,000 monthly rental
Self contained two roomed house for rent. 2 bedrooms, 1 level
1 bedroom house for rent

1 bedroom house for rent

Code 1120UGX 150,000 monthly rental
Beautiful and self-contained 1 bedroom house for rent.
2 bedroom apartments for rent

2 bedroom apartments for rent

Code 880UGX 2,880,000 monthly rental
Newly built 2 bedroom apartments about 2km to the city centre. Each apartment has a combined living and dining area that open out to a terrace in...